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It's Da Bomb -- Canadian TV series BOMB GIRLS was canceled, but the fans loved it so much, that the producers made a 2 hour Movie of the Week that will air this'll get to hear, fresh from the Jackie Saunders Orchestra, featuring Huck Andrews singing, "If We Should Ever Meet Again". Thanks to the Morrison Catalog for this great, authentic vintage song. >> more news

Simply Shameless -- Two great songs on the 2/23/14 episode of Showtimes' hit series SHAMELESS.  Hat's off to Joel Evans, whose song "Probably The Sunny Day" was featured along with "Shotgun Pistol Grip" by The Ghost Wolves. >> more news

So Glad To Be Single-- VHI's "SINGLE LADIES" has added another IFMP song to one of their episodes...this time by the talented Ms Larissa Ness...the episode is in March of '14 and is called "One Way(Pass On the Drama)". >> more news

And So Hot -- Excited to announce that the song "Hottie Boys" is in the soundtrack for the Indy Film "CAVEMEN" released by Lakeshore Entertainment. Congrats to We3Kings who got those Cavemen dancing! >> more news

IT'S GAME TIME!  -- DIRECT TV's 'CELEBRITY BEACH BOWL', taking place in NYC, airs on Saturday,  February 1st.  You'll be hearing the shows' new theme music "GAME TIME" written by Kevin Comden and Eddie Grey. >> more news

REAL WORLD EX-PLOSION -- Watch MTV's "Real World Explosion" on Wednesday, January 29th to hear THE GHOST WOLVES perform "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK" from their album, "Man, Woman, Beast".  This is one great Austin band! >> more news

CATCHING UP WITH  THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS -- 2014 is already off to a great start with more IFMP songs being used on the long running CBS Daytime Drama...on Monday, January 27th you'll be able to hear SHELLEE COLEY from Houston Town singing "BROKEN KISS" from her album "Where It Began" and you'll also hear more of "WAIT" from BROKEN FENCES, which is part of a storyline happening on the show.  From KEATON SIMONS you'll hear music from "CURRENTLY" and "TO ME" and if you watched last week, you heard "FANTASY" by AL-X, END OF THE EARTH from LARRY MAY, FEEL from STEPHANIE DAY & BRIAN HITT and EASY TO LOVE by ORBIT MONKEY. >> more news

HOW SUPER IS THIS?  Rapper SKY has another song, this one is called "LIKE MY STYLE" on ABC's comedy hit 'SUPER FUN NIGHT'  -- a great placement as the End Title of the episode, which airs Wednesday, January 22nd.  Peter Roberts and Sky Holsey do it again! >> more news

Y & R SO FAR --    CBS long running Daytime Drama "The Young & The Restless" has kicked ofF 2014 with a heap of great placements, including UK's SAM HYMAN's song "IN MY HEART", STEPHANIE DAY'S "CALIFORNIA", AL-X's "FANTASY" and BROKEN FENCES haunting song "WAIT" which is being used as a storyline song over several episodes. >> more news

How Fun Is This? -- ABC's SUPER FUN NIGHT, starring Rebel Wilson, has two songs from IFMP's  female rapper, SKY --"SO FLY" and "PUT YOUR THUMBS UP" on the show's episode that airs 1/8/14.  The songs are co written by Sky Holsey & Peter Roberts. >> more news

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