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Several placements coming up on BKB Unfiltered (Big Knockout Boxing) for Audience Network(Direct TV. Congrats to writers Scooter Pietsch (Family Tragedy),  The Presidentz (What We Bout), and to Eddie Gray and Dario Forzato (Light Is On and Remember Us). >> more news

JUSTIFIED REDUX: IFMP artist ADRIAN NILES got his third placement on the FX hit series JUSTIFIED with his terrific song "SAME ROAD" this past April. Way to roll! >> more news
LOVE IS IN THE AIR...when you're watching HALLMARK MOVIES, that is.  Their upcoming TV movie "WHEN SPARKS FLY" features the sweet song "SHINE" by CURIOUS on June 28th. Congrats to writers Rinat Arinos, Daniel Brecher and Sean Hurwitz on this placement. >> more news
LOVE IS IN THE AIR AGAIN -- this time it's in Canada. Canadian network UP has a love story for TV  called "MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN". This one features a song by Johnny Douglas, sung by Samantha Newark, called "GOODBYE, GOOD FRIEND". >> more news
NEW ARTISTS PLACEMENTS ON Y&R:  Lots of wonderful new IFMP artists have had songs recently on  The Young & The Restless including: Beechy Colclough (Hold Onto Your Love, Real Time, Hard To Forget),  Will Reiley (Dreams), Lovers and Poets (The Things We Do For Love), Joel Evans (Boogie With My Baby), Audrey Martells & Edgard Jaude (Beautiful), Erika Fatale (Liquid) and Project Dirty (Strobe Hearts). >> more news
It's Da Bomb -- Canadian TV series BOMB GIRLS was canceled, but the fans loved it so much, that the producers made a 2 hour Movie of the Week that will air this'll get to hear, fresh from the Jackie Saunders Orchestra, featuring Huck Andrews singing, "If We Should Ever Meet Again". Thanks to the Morrison Catalog for this great, authentic vintage song. >> more news
Simply Shameless -- Two great songs on the 2/23/14 episode of Showtimes' hit series SHAMELESS.  Hat's off to Joel Evans, whose song "Probably The Sunny Day" was featured along with "Shotgun Pistol Grip" by The Ghost Wolves. >> more news

So Glad To Be Single-- VHI's "SINGLE LADIES" has added another IFMP song to one of their episodes...this time by the talented Ms Larissa Ness...the episode is in March of '14 and is called "One Way(Pass On the Drama)". >> more news

And So Hot -- Excited to announce that the song "Hottie Boys" is in the soundtrack for the Indy Film "CAVEMEN" released by Lakeshore Entertainment. Congrats to We3Kings who got those Cavemen dancing! >> more news

IT'S GAME TIME!  -- DIRECT TV's 'CELEBRITY BEACH BOWL', taking place in NYC, airs on Saturday,  February 1st.  You'll be hearing the shows' new theme music "GAME TIME" written by Kevin Comden and Eddie Grey. >> more news

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